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Server info

Welcome to the Minecraft Breakdown YouTube page!

What is this about?

    Players that upload YouTube videos about the server will get rewarded for advertising the server.
    The higher the quality and effort, the higher the reward. It can be up to $50,000!

    Important: Fake or troll submits will be punished with penalties or ban!

    How to sumbit a video

  • Make a video about the server. It can be a gameplay, compilation, tutorial review, etc.
  • Mind the following aspects to get a high reward:
    Length of the video (not too long, not too short),
    Quality (HD would be good, good sound),
    Effort in editing or adding effects,
    Thumbnail, title, ...
  • Put our name in the title
  • Add 'Join the server:' into the description
  • Put your in-game name into your description so nobody else can submit your video.
  • Now, copy the URL and type the command on the server: /youtube add [your url]
  • If you did something wrong with the /youtube add command, please type /youtube clear to prevent faulty submits.
  • Now wait a few days until we checked the video. Please don't bother the staff with it.
  • Please don't delete your video for at least one year.

Live top 5 submitted videos:

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