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Purchase unban

Please read all this carefully before purchasing unban - we don't unban everyone

How to purchase unban:

1. Check 'When am I NOT allowed to purchase unban?' below and make sure your ban reason is accepted for unban. Contact us if you are unsure.
2. Make sure you have access to a PayPal account with enough money on it
3. Fill out the form below
4. Click the 'Checkout' button and log in to your PayPal account
5. Press 'Continue' to complete the purchase. At this point will be charged and the team will be contacted to check your case.
6. Wait between 12 hours and 7 days for the server team to check your case and manage the unban.

Important information

  • When unbanning a player we take the following action:
  •   - If you got banned for something that helped you gain more money (X-Ray, hacks, PvP tools, glitches) you will keep a maximum of 50,000 in-game $ and max. 10,000 respect.
      - If we have the suspicion of you having illegally gained items in your inventory we will reset it.
      - If we have the suspicion that your faction members knew about your illegal action or performed illegal action, too, we will remove the faction base and its containers.
  • We reserve the right to reject the unban request without giving refund. (E.g. if the ban reason is obviously not accepted for unban, read below).
  • The 'name' field is meant as reference to the banned player. The unban is bound to this player name, make sure to give the player name which you used when you got banned.
  • The purchased unban is not transferable or refundable. This means it will not be transfered to another account - even if the player is no longer able to log in to the server (e.g. because he forgot his password or got banned again).
  • Other accounts ("alts") that have been banned with your account will not be unbanned. Unban has to be purchased for each account.
  • Having purchased unban does not change the rights of the player in terms of rules. That means the player will e.g. be banned again for using cheats as everyone else.
  • If a player is banned again it's not possible to get refund for it.
  • We reserve the right to shut down the server, restrict players from it or change/remove features without giving a refund to people who bought unban at any time.

  • When am I NOT allowed to purchase unban?

    You will not be unbanned (even if you purchase unban) if you got banned for one of these reasons:
  • You you have purchased unban before and got banned again
  • You damaged the server badly by e.g. griefing or causing strong inflation on the server
  • You got banned for something that damaged the server and it's likely that you will do it again
  • You upset the server community badly by performing hatring or discriminatory action so most players on the server do not want to see you on the server again.
  • You damaged the server financially, e.g. PayPal retransfer, and do not agree with compensating that damage

  • Enter your information and confirm the purchase:

    Item: Unban
    Cost: € 10.00

    You will receive a confirmation and updates about your unban progress.

    EUR 10.00