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The Breakdown Android App

We proudly present the great Android Minecraft Breakdown Android app - bringing a lot of helpful features to you whenever you are not able to be on the server!

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€ 1.50
€ 3.80


  • Faction base overview: List your online faction members, check the base status and see your account balance
  • Base raid notification: Receive an instant push notification on your phone and counter the attack with NPC support
  • Faction Chat: Send and receive messages within your faction to arrange meetings and share information
  • Server overview: Get information about which players are online server statistics such as the joined player count, server uptime and more.
  • Server chat: Stay in touch with online players by sending and receiving in-game chat messages in real time
  • Player statistics: Keep track of kills, deaths, k/d, NPC kills and much more
  • Is there an IOS app?

    Unfortunately we don't have a version for apple iPhones or iPads because it's pretty expensive to publish an app to the AppStore so we would have to set a very high price for the app. On top of that apple uses a different programming language which makes it hard to create a communication to the server.

    Why is the Android app not published to the Google PlayStore?

    Again, we're trying to make the app as cheap as possible for you. Publishing an app to the store is 25$ and Google takes a certain percentage from the profit. This means the app would have to be more expensive.
    On top of that, downloading and installing the app manually is very easy on Android.