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Basic server information

Welcome to Minecraft Breakdown! This is a 100% custom modified server using Flan's Mod - that means that we deliver an unique gameplay experience you have never seen before. To ensure you enjoy all the features this server brings please read the following guide carefully.
Please also remember to read the server rules listed here!

Minecraft Breakdown is an open world pvp-pve survival faction server with modern weapons and vehicles. That means the gameplay consists of: Fighting other players in the wilderness, gathering money and respect, building a base to save your items and raiding others bases.
Everyone of these aspects will be explained in detail later. First of all let's answer some questions you might have:

Where should I spawn?

When you die you can pick your respawn point. Everyone has it's own features:

Safe zone:

Here you cannot be attacked by others. Also you have access to certain features like the shop, crafting tools, a runway and a lot more. You can exit the safe zone by using the entrances of the safe zone wall or by using one of the teleport signs next to the main exit. You will spawn without any items.

War zone:

The area surrounding the safe zone is called the war zone. Here players are trying to kill each other for items and respect - so only go there if you are looking for trouble. You will spawn with a gun and some basic tools but also loose 15 respect.


The further you walk away from the safe zone the less players you will meet and at some point you will be able to build. This are is called wilderness and is infinite. As you walk through the world you will find roads and buildings that are generated by the server. Those towns, cities or military compounds contain valuable loot - if other players haven't been there before you. But watch out: buildings and roads are protected by evil survivor bots called NPCs. With their guns they are an interesting target in terms of loot but also a very serious danger. Never underestimate them! You will spawn with basic farming tools and a small gun but also loose 15 respect.

PVP arena:

This place is extremely dangerous but can be profitable. You will be able to loot the city protected by NPCs and there is only one way out. Also expect other players trying to gain your stuff. You will spawn with basic fighting equipment that costs you 40 respect.

What should I do now?

As a beginner you want to become rich and successful as fast as possible. You have two options:

  • Go farming in the wilderness:
    If you are inside the safe zone click the sign that teleports you to the wilderness next to the main exit. After you got teleported you can either go mining or look a random generated buildings such as cities. When you got enough items you can teleport to the safe zone with /spawn and sell your items there.
  • Go fighting in PVP:
  • If you are experienced with Flan's Mod combat you can try to get others items by killing players in the war zone or the PVP arena. As unexperienced player your chances of success are low - so don't go all-in with everything you have.

    How to get money and respect

    Money and level is important to purchase items in the shop. For guns, vehicles and advanced items you need to be a certain level (like in the enchanting xp system). You can raise your level by farming respect points (RP).
    You can get RP by killing players (depending on their level, killstreak and some more factors), selling items at the shop (10% of the item's worth) and other things like killing NPCs, raiding bases and selling factory storage.
    When selling items at the shop you will get money - usually 50% of the sale price.

    Base building

    To make sure your base is as safe as possible follow this guide carefully. Also note that you need to be part of a faction to have a base. If you are not, create one with /f create.
    To mark a location as your base you have to place your faction spawn flag within the base border (15,000 blocks around spawn). You can get that at the spawn shop. The base protection works for each chunk. That means as you place the spawn flag the chunk the flag is in will be marked as your territory. In this area enemies can't build or break blocks, set their own base and lock chests. But they will be able to: steal your spawn flag, place C4 and lockpick chests and doors. To get informed about a base attack while you are offline you can download our Android app (details below)!
    After you placed your flag you may expand the territory. To do so you can type /f claim to add the chunk you are in.
    Another important aspect is how to build your base. Since enemies can destroy blocks using C4, it's important to know which materials you should use for your buildings. A C4 charge can destroy multiple blocks like dirt or sand. Light building blocks like wood planks or wool will break from one C4 charge each. Harder blocks like cobblestone and stone bricks need two or three explosives. Iron blocks will break with four C4 charges and obsidian is indestructible (but also very expensive). On top of that, there are several custom base blocks that add more protection (check Base Utilities trader). These blocks can only be destroyed by C4 if your faction power is low. Faction power is gained over time by members being active and lost from being raided (trying to destroy base blocks or hitting the flag). One more safety aspect of your base is the possibility to lock your chests. Therefore you can buy a code lock item at the shop. After you right clicked the chest with it you will be able to enter a 4 digit pin which you can use to lock and unlock the chest. So as soon as a chest has a code lock added everyone is able to press the lock/unlock key on their keyboard while looking at the chest. Whoever types in the correct pin will be able to access the chest. The same feature is also available for doors, buttons and levers. Tip: if you use the same pin for everything, use the auto lock/unlock key. This will enter the key for you after you conformed it once.
    While building your base keep in mind to make it raiders as hard as possible to get in. Use hard materials and a lot of code locks. Also try to hide your base and only invite people to your faction you can trust. One more thing: Protect your base spawn flag. If the enemies steal it they will retrieve the money on your faction bank and you have 5 days to place a new one. Otherwise your territory and its code locks won't be protected anymore.
    Since most base raids happen when the owners are offline, we created an Android app that informs players about base attacks on their real life mobile phone. While the base is raided the app also allows you to send NPC support to protect your base. On top of that there are a lot more features like: Server information, player statistics, in-game chat and a faction messenger!

    Base raiding

    If you spotted a base that looks like its worth a raid you have to do some preparation. First, find out how good it's buildings are protected, how good it is equipped and how many members it got. Then you will need some tools to break in: C4: The only method to damage enemies territory. Choose an fitting amount of explosives depending on how the base is protected. For that, keep in mind which blocks need which amount of explosives to get destroyed (see base building). Also you might bring a lot of lock picks to open doors and chests.
    The raid itself should be planned carefully. Either you rush the base while the members are online and distracted or you wait until everyone of them is offline. For both cases you will need good weapons to defend your base - keep in mind that our Android app informs players as soon as you start a lockpick, kill a member or detonate explosives inside the base territory!
    Try to split up in groups like raiders and spotters - maybe choose someone to get in a sniper position. The raiders will concentrate on finding the weakest spot to place explosives and gathering loot from chests. Spotters will protect the base from the outside and the inside since all players on the server will be informed with your position if you start a lockpick.


    Factories are a new, efficient way to make money. You can craft factories with parts found in npc cities.
    Click here to learn more about factories!