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Server factory guide

What are factories?

A factory is a farm that allows you to have a reliable, constant source of income on Minecraft Breakdown.
Unlike farms you know from vanilla, you don't need to be online or nearby for the factory to work. Also there are ways of protecting the factory from thieves.

Once you have a factory (as item) you can place it anywhere in the wilderness and it will then build a 16x16 structure. When holding the factory item in your hand, you will see a preview of where it will be placed. Make sure the terrain is smooth enough.

If the factory undamaged it will start producing items and you can access the storage by clicking the sign inside the factory.

As soon as the factory is placed it's no longer possible to place or break blocks there, but enemies can still cause damage:
- Enemies can claim the factory and become its new owner. To prevent that, the factory has to be on your faction territory.
- Enemies can empty the storage if they get access to the factory. You can surround it with walls (best: base blocks) to make it harder for them.
- Enemies can place explosives or destroy blocks such as glass or farmland. This will disable the factory and you will have to pay for the blocks to be repaired.
- Enemy players can detonate a C4 explosive in the center of the factory. This will blow up, disable the factory and:
-> Some factory parts will be destroyed and there is a chance of them to drop. To fix the factory you will have to replace all parts and pay some repair cost.
-> The factory upgrades will be reset

Crafting factories

Every factory needs certain parts to be crafted. They always exist of:
- One or more foundation items, which can only be bought in the shop (at the Base Utilities trader). There are 3 different levels of foundation items. If you want to build a more advanced factory, you will need a higher leveled foundation.
- Factory specific parts, which cannot be bought and must be found or traded from other players. These parts spawn in NPC cities, while some of them are extremely rare. Check out the auction NPCs if you think about buying or selling parts.
Some parts can also be stolen from intact enemy factories by detonating a C4 in the center.

Crafting recipes

Mill Factory

Parts: Mill sails, grinding mill, foundation level 1

Lumber Mill Factory

Parts: Engine, head saw, foundation level 1

Solar Plant Factory

Parts: 2x solar panel, 1 electrical substation, foundation level 2

Oil Pump Factory

Parts: Engine, fluid tank, electric pump, foundation level 2

Ammo Factory

Parts: Ammunition loading press, engine, 2x foundation level 3

Iron Refinery Factory

Parts: engine, blast funance, 2x foundation level 3

Reactor Factory

Parts: Nuclear reactor core, electrical substation, reactor turbine, fluid tank, 3x foundation level 3