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Apply for staff member

Important: Read the following information carefully before you fill out the form!


  • Good, fluent English
  • ‎A lot of Flan's Mod and Minecraft experience
  • ‎Activity on the server, min 100h playtime
  • ‎Age > 15
  • ‎Enough free time: > 2h/day
  • ‎Experience as supporter/moderator/admin
  • Information:

  • If you can't answer any of the following questions you don't meet the requirements as a fitting staff member for the server. Please don't send your application to save our time.
  • ‎It can take a long time for us to reply. Also you won't receive a negative reply if we don't accept you.
  • ‎If you do one of these things you will automatically get refused: Sending more than 1 application, asking about your application status (in-game), having disrespected any rule or being greedy, insulting, unfair, disrespectful, annoying.
  • ‎What may help: being nice in-game, help others, being active, give feedback and report bugs (not in the annoying way)
  • Grammar and correct spelling is very important. We won't accept applications in bad english or with short answers only.
  • If your application was good and you are an active player, we will also contact you in-game.

  • Fill out this form to send your application:

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