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Minecraft Breakdown is a custom modded Minecraft PVP survival factions server having guns, planes, tanks and more!


Minecraft Breakdown offline for indefinite period

Unfortunately we have bad news regarding our server:
Today our host shut down his current system and we had to move the server to a temporary host within a few hours. Sadly the world files got destroyed during the transfer and the the old server is already shut down. This is only one of multiple problems we are facing recently.
Due to our powerful host shutting down his current system, the corrupted map and the recent lack of donations we are not able to keep the server running at the moment.
As you know, running a powerful server that can handle our modpack is very expensive - and without a sponsor or donations we are not able to pay for it.
Also thanks to players abusing bugs and spreading too much money, people are too rich and we are no longer able to earn enough money from donations.
On top of that, progress for the 2.2 update is slow because we can't find any competent helpers like builders. Projects just never finish properly unless I do it myself - and I got a life too.

This is the plan for the future of Minecraft Breakdown:
- The server has shut down and you will no longer be able to play Minecraft Breakdown
- I will do my best finding a new host/sponsor
- At the same time we will work on the 2.2 update and a new map
- When we found a solution, Minecraft Breakdown will be back but your progress will be reset (WIPE)
- Our website will be online for status updates and the online shop will be expanded
- Since I am pretty busy with real life stuff this all might take a while

When will Minecraft Breakdown be back?
No idea. Maybe in 2 weeks - maybe never. This depends on your support and my progress finding a new host. However, if Minecraft Breakdown comes back we will bring you the biggest release ever and a guaranteed lag free experience!

How can I support Minecraft Breakdown?
- If you are good at building and tend to finish what you've started, contact us for building support
- If you want to donate, contact us to preorder ranks and in-game money

Please check our discord server for frequent updates!
Minecraft Breakdown is dead for an indefinite period

Anyways we wish you happy easter holiday and we really hope we will be back soon.

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